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Why are live insects so good for Chickens?

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Why are live insects so good for Chickens?

In the wild, the ancestors of poultry and game birds such as chickens, ducks, guinea fowl, geese, pheasants, turkeys and peacocks ate a varied diet including insects, seeds and plants. Modern birds still benefit from this varied diet but it can be more difficult for them to find the quantity and range of insects they need in a limited environment. 
You can provide LiveFood insects, such as Mealworms, Crickets and Woodies (Native Wood Roaches) to supplement their balanced pellet or mash diet.
Foraging or hunting for insects is a natural and beneficial behaviour for chickens, playing a crucial role in their diet and overall health for several reasons:

Nutritional Value: LiveFood insects are a rich source of high-quality protein, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that are crucial for the overall health, growth, and egg production of chickens. These nutrients are particularly important for laying hens and growing chicks.
healthy chickens forage for insects
Natural Foraging Behaviour: Foraging for insects encourages natural behaviours and provides mental stimulation for chickens, which can reduce stress and prevent behavioural problems such as feather pecking and aggression. It allows chickens to engage with their environment in a way that is instinctive and enriching.

Pest Control: Encouraging chickens to eat live insects can help control pest populations in your yard or garden. Chickens can reduce the number of unwanted insects, such as ticks, flies, and certain types of beetles, contributing to a healthier environment around their coop and your home.

Improved Egg Quality: Chickens that have access to a diverse diet, including live insects, tend to produce eggs with richer flavor and potentially better nutritional profiles, including higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins.

Digestive Health: The activity of foraging and eating live insects helps in maintaining healthy digestion in chickens. It stimulates their digestive system and can contribute to the natural control of internal parasites.
Feather Health: When birds moult their feathers they require extra nutrients and protein to re-grow their new healthy feathers. Insect Foods can provide the extra nutrient boost that chickens and birds need during this time. 

Feeding Live Feeder Insects to your chickens, ducks and other birds supports their physical health providing essential nutrients and also promotes psychological well-being through encouraging natural foraging behaviors.