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Frozen Crickets 1kg

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Frozen Crickets (1kg)

Packed in an esky transfer immediately to freezer after arrival

Crickets are a nutritious and natural addition to the diets of many birds. They are easy to use and are a wholesome frozen food which help to provide the protein, vitamins, minerals and roughage animals would naturally acquire in the wild.

Crickets are suitable for chickens, ducks, pheasants, turkeys and other poultry, bearded dragons, blue tongue lizards, geckos, other reptiles, turtles, fish such as cichlids, barramundi and oscars, wild birds, spiders, scorpions, millipedes, centipedes and other insect eating animals.

Frozen Crickets are a convenient substitute for live crickets when they are unavailable. Defrost to room temperature before serving. 

Frozen Crickets are Gutloaded providing a valuable boost of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in addition to the nutrition in the cricket itself.

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Frozen Crickets 1kg
Frozen Crickets 1kg

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