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Bulk Superworms (1kg)

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Pisces Superworm Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) 1 kg bulk pack

Packed in a calico bag - Feed to your flock or transfer to bulk insect housing immediately after arrival

Superworms are approximately 3-3.5cm long.

Superworms are regular mealworms that have grown larger.

Plump, nutrient-rich Superworms provide a natural insect food for lizards, spiders, scorpions, frogs, birds, large fish, turtles, poultry, game show contestants and many other animals.

Boost the health and well-being of your animals with our Bulk Superworms. Clean and easily handled, these worms have been a staple for zoos, vets, and families for over 20 years. With high protein content, they are ideal for poultry and bird diets, promoting improved egg quality and overall nutrition.

They can be a valuable addition to many animals diets and also used as treats and training rewards.

Superworms are a valuable food for all poultry and greatly improve egg-quality in domestic chickens. Mealworms are an ideal source of protein for insectivorous and seed-eating birds; especially during breeding and egg-laying.

According to some gardeners, offering a small amount of mealworms to wild-birds and lizards in your yard can naturally encourage them to forage for insects, which helps keep the garden free of pests. This natural treat is much better for visiting wildlife than mince or raw meat, though it is important not to make the animals overly reliant on the provided food.

How to feed
Feed superworms straight from the container or transfer them to a Komodo Smart Live Food Dish or Komodo Mealworm Dish or glass bowl with slippery sides to prevent their escape.

Superworms are packed in calico bags. They will need to be transferred to a shallow container upon arrival. Add extra bran when the superworms eat it and add a small slice of carrot.

For longer storage place in the crisper of a refrigerator. Every few weeks they should be allowed to come to room temperature and fed with fresh wheat bran and carrot slices before they are re-chilled.

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Bulk Superworms (1kg)
Bulk Superworms (1kg)

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